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Having a hard time picking the perfect yoga retreat?

Why settle on just one? Why limit yourself to one location, one resort, or one experience?

Westernized cultures are functioning on a work-first, play-later mentality and that gets in the way of some much-needed vacation time.

So instead of limiting your one-vacation-per-year to a single destination with a single experience, make a whole tour of it :)

Imagine waking up to the sound of crashing waves only to fall asleep to the sound of rustling leaves at the end of the same day.

Picture yourself jumping into tropical blue waters for a bath and eating fresh fruit for an afternoon snack.

Imagine the feeling of the sun shining down on you as you move between poses on the boat deck.

Then imagine walking the streets of Greece in the afternoon, only to arrive in Italy for your morning coffee.

And all the while you are growing your yoga practice.

Yes, that exists!

Popular Destinations

Head to Greece for some enchanting views and then float over to Italy for beautiful countryside.

Take a tour up to Alaska where nature is still the ruler of the land, or dip down to the Caribbean where music and dancing is queen…

...and if music and dancing are your things, then check out Cuba or Puerto Rico.

No matter the style or destination that you are looking for, a yoga cruise retreat can take you there.

You will find that the yoga cruises function out of three main areas: Los Angeles, Florida, and Europe.

These three locations have easily accessible ports that launch cruise ships to all corners of the world (including all of your favorite yoga retreat destinations).

Yoga cruises offer the same all-inclusive packages that regular cruises offer, so you can fully expect to relax as you slowly move across the water.

Other yoga tours, like many around the islands of Greece, move by sailboat. A sailboat offers a more intimate experience, perfect for those looking for a quiet and contemplative experience…

… or maybe even a yoga and meditation tour?

Whatever you are looking for, yoga tours and cruises offer the perfect balance between indulgence and practice.

Best Months of the Year

Perhaps the best part about a yoga cruise retreat is that you can find one any time of the year.

If sailing around Greece has caught your attention, then try to head there during April, May or June before tourist seasons begins. Otherwise, you’ll be caught in swaths of crowds and overpriced food and drinks.

Or head over there just as the tourist season is ending, in September, October, and November.

If you’re heading to Alaska, remember that the winter months (November, December, January, February and March) are dominated by snow, so plan accordingly.

The Caribbean runs on a hurricane system, so try to avoid the hurricane season in the months of July, August, September and October. Unless, of course, you really enjoy sitting through tropical storms!

Always consider water conditions for any tours crossing open water. While cruise ships are perfect for outdoor yoga on calm water, they can be nightmarish when waters are stormy.


The price range for yoga cruises varies greatly as no two tours are alike. Some will be quite pricey, though are of luxurious quality and all-inclusive (um hello gourmet breakfasts and sunset dinners).

Other tour retreats may be a matter of taking you from one retreat to the next, in which case prices are much more affordable.

As usual… all depends on what you’re looking for and just how indulgent you want to get on your vacation.

Top Yoga Cruise Tours and Excursions

Lamentably, the Royal Clipper or Star Clipper are not set up for the kinds of floating yoga retreats that you're probably interested in. You could search through the commercial cruise lines, such as Azamara Club Cruise or Royal Caribbean, for cruises that take you to sea. They surely will offer yoga classes on the ship (haven't you heard of 'zen cruises'?!), along with all-inclusive amenities.

But if you're looking for a place to join like-minded people for some seriously inspiring asanas and pranayama, then check out some of these great places we have here.

Symi Yoga Retreat

Symi is a beautiful island in Greece that attracts food lovers and yogis alike. Take a trip around the Greek islands via a sailboat, stopping for relaxing shore excursions, like stand-up paddleboard or a visit to a yoga studio, along the way. Depending on the yoga retreat, you may even find more fitness-focused retreats that include pilates and water activities.

Yacht + Yoga

For a beautiful tour around the coast of Italy, into the Western Mediterranean and further, then check out Yacht + Yoga. Practice yoga on the deck with your personal yoga instructor, or take your yoga session to the beach for some beach yoga and act as your very own yoga teacher.