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Find the Best Yoga and Surf Retreats in the World 2022

If you'd like to combine your yoga class with a solid session on the water, then a yoga and surf retreat is for you. Start your day with a solid yoga session and then move to the water for a surf lesson. Then relax on the beach or in the surf house with a killer ocean view long into the balmy nights.

Then do it all again the next day.

This doesn't have to be so prescribed, either. You can combine your yoga holiday with stand up paddleboarding. Combine yoga and meditation and a good surf break. Discover the hidden surf spots on the coast of Portugal, the pura vida in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or take surf lessons in the idyllic Bali.

Or take it easy with some paddleboard yoga, completing your vinyasa flow atop the calm waters of some hidden lake in Guatemala or Mexico.

Surround yourself with like-minded people, daily yoga, and fresh food.

Convinced yet?

Grab your paddle board, a yoga teacher or surf instructor, and that super affordable non-refundable deposit because you are about to embark on the ultimate yoga and surf retreat. We promise.

6 Reasons Why Yoga Surf Retreats Are The Ultimate Combination

There are few combinations that go as well together as yoga and surfing do. Whether it’s a yoga surf camp or retreat, you’re in for an incredible experience of renewal and aliveness. You don’t even need to be an experienced surfer or yogi to take part. You simply need a willingness to try something new and to take that little step out of the comfort zone. Rejuvenate yourself in the salty sea water and unwind on the yoga mat overlooking the sunset.

If you’ve dabbled with surfing or yoga, going on a retreat can be the boost in your skills and practice that you need to take the next step. Even for advanced surfers, integrating yoga into your life can bring a deep ease and grace to your surfing.

Bringing balance.

6 reasons for ya:

1. Develop Courage

Picture this.

You’re floating out on the water, and a huge wave starts to gather. Slowly it rises and rises and you have only two choices: duck under or make that leap.

What do you do?

Facing that decision over and over again build a wonderful courage, whether it’s your first wave or your 2,345th. You always come to that “oh crap” moment, where you feel inside the gravity of what you’re about to dive into.

This courage then helps you in so many other parts of life: job interviews, dating & relationships, and trying new things. When you’re facing the astounding power of mother nature and learned to ride it, what’s to be worried about with a guy in a suit interviewing you?

And that kind of balance looks a lot like emotional well-being.

2. Discover Balance

Both yoga and surfing require a delicate balance of power and grace. Of letting things flow, while staying upright.

As you experience this balance in an active way with surfing and a more still way with yoga, you’ll be discovering your ability to remain in equilibrium in all situations.

Both practices force you to be aware and listen to your body. More healthy eating and other habits are a natural consequence.

3. Fall in Love

If you have a surf session that doesn’t go so well, what happens inside your head? Is there frustration? Negativity?

Combining yoga with surfing can dramatically shift your relationship with your mind and your own self. It can bring a deep sense of love and care for your own being.

4. Develop Patience

When surfing you need extraordinary patience. Your intention might be to catch a perfect barrel, but in reality, you may wait for hours on your board without getting it.

In yoga, you may not be as flexible as you like, but as you go deeper and deeper into the pose, you’ll discover the value of patience. Of allowing the body to open up naturally.

Allowing the ocean to offer whatever waves it decides on that day.

5. Surrender

Nothing can teach you a full surrender than getting rag-dolled by a force 200,000 times greater than you. It is always a humbling experience. One that all humans should have. Why?

Because it reminds you how small you really are. It reminds you of the futility of fighting against life. It teaches the value of tuning into life and learning to rides the waves it provides.

The same effect comes in yoga, though less dramatic. You can’t force yourself into a yoga posture. You can’t force yourself into meditation.

In the end, we must surrender and allow the ocean of life to present its waves to us. Our job?

Be in tune and let the ocean carry us.

6. Find Fluidity

Life is constantly moving. Like a river it flows and changes, always shifting and transforming.

Dams that are placed against rivers inevitably break. Rocks are slowly worn down. Finding the fluidity in life will lead to a life of ease and grace. Fighting against the flow of life is simply futile. You can’t win. But you can suffer.

When doing both yoga and surfing, you’ll find there is a natural flow to discover. On the ocean, it’s the flow of the waves. The movement of the water. You’re forced to be directly in tune with mother nature and her awesome power.

In yoga, you’re forced to be aware of the fluidity of body and mind. Without distractions and entertainment, you are only there with yourself. With your own body. And you’ll feel the kinks, dams, and rocks in your river. You’ll feel them acutely.

And you’ll feel what it’s like when they are smoothed out.

Experiencing this contrast is so important in life because so many people move through life thinking the way their body and mind functions is normal, when in fact, it’s totally out of balance.

But once you feel what it’s like to be totally balanced and vibrant, this memory sticks in the body.

And when you come out of that balance, now you’ll know. Now you’ll have your own compass.

Your own guiding light.

The Best Yoga and Surf Retreats Around the World

Yoga & Surf Retreat Price Destination

7 Day Experiential Wellness Retreat in Tropical Costa Rica

$1700 Costa Rica

6 Day Private Surf, Adventure and Yoga Retreat Spain

$1796 Spain

8 Day Yoga, Surfing and Nature Retreat, Morocco

$638 Morocco

6 Day Vegan Surf and Yoga Eco-retreat in Sri Lanka

$950 Sri Lanka

7 Day Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

$900 Costa Rica

7 Day Disconnect From City Life & Reconnect to Yourself & Nature

$486 Spain

8 Day Vikara "Transformation" Surf and Yoga Retreat, Ecuador

$990 Ecuador

1. 7 Day Experiential Wellness Retreat in Tropical Costa Rica

Wake up in the lush jungle beach town where howler monkeys roam, adventure awaits at every corner, and "pura vida" is the rule! This retreat focuses on building your body, mind, and soul. Learn to surf in the Pacific, receive an oceanfront massage, quiet your mind with breath work and meditation sessions, practice yoga high above the canopy tree line, and so much more! Connect with amazing, like-minded travelers from around the world as you share and build experiences together. 

2. 6 Day Private Surf, Adventure and Yoga Retreat Spain

A Private Yoga and Adventure Retreat. It starts with yoga but then there is so much more. Take the opportunity to improve your yoga practice in a completely private setting, learn what you have missed in studios full of people, and take advantage of the perfect time to ask questions! Enjoy the delicious food Galicia has to offer and be constantly amazed as we drive through beautiful roads looking for adventures.  This is part of Europe really still retains its wilderness and it would be my pleasure to share it with you! Hiking, rivers, waterfalls, surf, SUP, and medieval cities - you will love spending 6 days here. 

3. 8 Day Yoga, Surfing and Nature Retreat, Morocco

These retreats are relaxing yet active filled with qualitative content and transformative experiences. Enjoy their unique program of yoga, surf, conscious hikes, meditations and restorative bodywork/massage workshops. They offer comfortable accommodation at a luxurious villa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and anti-Atlas Mountains. Their kitchen serves 3 meals per day preparing tasty healthy organic food. 

4. 6 Day Vegan Surf and Yoga Eco-retreat in Sri Lanka

During this 6-day retreat, you will spend your time relaxing and recharging your batteries. Everyday sunrise yoga and meditation will awaken your spirit and mind and will help you to channel your energy and focus on the simple pleasures of life. An all vegan menu based on local ingredients will not only boost your energy and metabolism but will make you feel light throughout your stay. You will then spend a couple hours enjoying Sri Lankans best-surfing beaches and learn how to surf like a pro from our local instructors. Additional trips, workshops, and Ayurvedic treatments will please your stay to the maximum.

5. 7 Day Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Enjoy surfing with Pura Vida Surfers while connecting with yourself. The fun, playful, and challenging surfing together with the mindful, relaxing, and balancing yoga is a combination that many love. Join your hosts in Costa Rica and enjoy daily yoga classes and surf lessons. By finding focus and clearing the mind, you will progress more in surfing. Breathing is also crucial in surfing and the main focus in yoga. Experience the best of two worlds and go crazy but keep it simple!

6. 7 Day Disconnect From City Life & Reconnect to Yourself & Nature

This surf & yoga retreat is located in Famara, in the natural reserve of the Chinijo Archipelago, on the north shore of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, also known as the European Hawaii. Here you will discover a truly unique landscape made of deserts, volcanoes, blue skies, crystal-clear waters and unspoiled coastlines. You will feel the magnetic attraction of the island as soon as you step out of the plane. Both the yoga and surf classes are suitable for all levels, from complete beginners to intermediate and advanced.

7. 8 Day Vikara "Transformation" Surf and Yoga Retreat, Ecuador

Vikara means change or transformation in Sanskrit. Vikara Retreats are designed to help people who are already awakening to the reality that life is not just about survival, career building, status, finances, and responsibilities. If you are searching for meaning, joy, and creativity in your life, Vikara Retreats introduce you to a lifestyle that will inspire you live your life with intention. Vikara combines yoga, meditation, and surfing with delicious quality nutrition and connection to nature to create transformational retreats.

Popular Destinations

There are some places in the world that are known for their killer waves. Coincidentally, they are also the same places that host some of the best yoga retreats. And now, you can do both.

Guests from all over the world flock to these locations for both yoga and surfing. In fact, your yoga instructor in one of these locations is probably also an avid surfer because these two sports sort of go hand in hand. 

The cool thing is that many of these spots offer unique accommodations that have a killer ocean view or home cooked vegetarian meals. 

All you have to do is find the perfect place for you.If you're interested in booking yoga packages with a little bit more than just yoga this year, then check out yoga surf retreats in these locations:

Yoga and Surf Holidays in Portugal

Portugal has some spectacular landscapes that fall right into an ocean that reliably rolls out waves, day after day. Naturally, surfers from all over the world flock to its coastline for what is sure to be the most memorable surf trip of their lifetime. If you need private surf instruction, you can easily book surf classes with one of the many instructors on the beach. But if you like to combine surfing and yoga, then you will easily find your dream vacation in Portugal. Most yoga packages (on the beach, at least) will offer surf lessons of some kind. Likewise, any surf camp in Portugal will also offer daily yoga classes for you to deepen your yoga practice after riding the waves all day. It's a match made in heaven :)

Women’s Surf and Yoga in Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur is infamous for its laid-back surf vibe. Shoes seem irrelevant and surfboards are carried like accessories. The fish burritos are to die for and the sunsets are actual magic. Seriously, the brightest fuchsia you will ever see in real life. Women’s surf schools abound in Nicaragua but if you’re a dude, you can easily find a retreat to happily take you in as well! There are tons of surf spots for professional surfers and beginners alike. But that's kinda the best part: Nicaragua is swarming with professional surfers so it's not that hard to book private surf instruction from some of the best surfers in the world! Combine your yoga sessions with surf sessions in the same day, and then relax with some spa treatments and healthy meals. Nicaragua is Central America's best kept secret and is one of the best places for a surf yoga retreat.

Surf and Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is practically the homeland of yoga and surf. Even if you don’t practice yoga or surf, you will embody a surfer-yogi vibe by the time you pass through. So if you’re looking for a country the absolutely embodies the surf-yoga culture, then Costa Rica will serve you well. But if you're looking for the best place for surfing yoga retreats in Costa Rica, then check out Santa Teresa. Santa Teresa is a tiny village on the beach where all of the yogis and surfers meet. You can find like yoga studios that offer daily yoga classes right next to surf shops that offer daily surf lessons. You could probably even find a private yoga teacher to lead yoga sessions on the beach (right before your private surf sessions, of course). Honestly, Santa Teresa is the surf yoga capital of Costa Rica and there truly is no better place for your surf yoga retreat.

Luxury Yoga and Surf Vacation in Bali

The waves in Bali look like a turquoise wall gently floating towards the tropical coastline, one after another. The yoga culture in Bali is kinda the same, with endless views to sustain a dedicated yoga practice each day. And of course, Bali knows how to do luxury. So why not wrap it all up into one, amazing retreat? Enjoy horseback riding along beautiful beaches and indulge in some spa treatments. Gorge on some divinely healthy meals and get to know your yoga instructor. Get surfing lessons from a local surf school and deepen your yoga practice at the yoga studio next door. Go scuba diving in some of the most beautiful reefs in the world and give yourself a little adventure on your upcoming trip. What better way to learn to surf than on a vacation to Bali?

Affordable Surfing and Yoga in Ecuador

Ecuador is perhaps the best country in South America to find great surf (maybe some Peruvians would be a bit upset to hear this). Ecuador sits on the westernmost point of the continent, catching the full momentum of the waves coming from the Pacific. The culture on the coast of Ecuador is infamously laid back (like most beach cultures, I am beginning to think) and provides the perfect atmosphere for yoga. Plus, the retreat centers in Ecuador are super close to the biggest part town in all of Ecuador, Montanita, just in case you want to have a wild night during your vacation. (*wink wink*). It is the perfect place to learn to surf, experience adventure, explore beautiful beaches, and have luxury accommodations with with an ocean view. 


Where in Central America or South America can I find good surf and fast internet service?

Pretty much anywhere you find lots of tourists you can find good internet. That being said, never forget that you are likely in a country with different standards of living. It’s not uncommon for a traffic accident, heavy rains, or some inexplicable reason to knock out the internet. In most places, they can get it back up and running within the same day, though it’s anybody’s guess as to how long it will actually take. If you’re seriously concerned about the internet situation then feel free to reach out to the retreat owners. They’ll be able to give you a good idea of what kind of services will be reliably available.

Is (fill in the country here) safe to visit on vacation?

Yes! Of course, every place has its dangers but if you make smart choices, leave your valuables locked up, and use the buddy system then you can mostly count on a safe experience.

Just some advice, though? Don’t take anything with you that you’d be absolutely devastated to lose. Theft is the biggest crime in these countries and tourists make for easy targets.

I have never surfed before, will I still be able to do a surf and yoga retreat?

Yes! Surf retreats are hardly meant for experts only. Retreats usually include in-house instructors ready to provide lessons and boards for their guests. Plus, if you’ve been practicing yoga then you already have core strength that will help you get up on the board more easily than if you hadn’t :) You can always check sites like Globo Surf for tips and tricks on what to know before you trying surfing for the first time.

What kind of yoga should I do with my surfing lessons?

Surfing is a pretty strenuous sport and so it's likely that you won't want to continue with a tough workout on the yoga mat after being on the board all morning. As you prepare for your surfing yoga holiday, try to practice vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, or Iyengar yoga. These yoga styles will help build muscle in all of the right places for surfing, all without ever leaving the yoga mat! Once you are on your surf vacation, though, you might want to switch to a gentler type of yoga, like restorative yoga or yoga nidra. You'll want to be able to stretch your worn muscles and loosen your hips after your surf classes and restorative yoga can help with that. 

Book Your Surf and Yoga Retreat Today

You only get so much vacation time per year, right? So why not make it matter, this year?

Continue with your yoga and meditation practice, because that's the way to emotional well-being (duh).

But also go and treat yourself to a life-changing experience. Meet like-minded people from all over the world. Book yourself a spa massage treatment. Indulge in delicious vegetarian meals. Take a leisurely stand-up paddle board session through a tropical inlet or surf the killer waves along the coast.

And if you don't know how to surf, then enroll in a surf school and get yourself some lessons.

What do you have to lose (except maybe a couple pounds)?

We are here to help you get started :)