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A transformational practice of the feminine

Find the Best Women’s Retreats 2022

Do you have a longing inside to connect with who you truly are?

Are you desiring time for personal reflection, relaxation, and rejuvenation?

Imagine having the time, space and safety to do this.

Truly do it.

A retreat designed for women is a beautiful experience that facilitates self-growth.

Because every woman on the retreat is seeking the same thing: total wellness in the safety of other, like-minded women.

Even so, you probably have a few major questions before you jump into such a transformative experience.

No worries, we’ve all been there. Your first retreat of this kind can be pretty intimidating.

We are here to walk you through it, starting by answering your biggest questions.

What to Expect at a Women's Retreat

When a contemplative community of women get together to support one another, it can be a powerful experience. Quiet retreats can provide you with spiritual direction and provide space for creative explorations.

Don't have time to dive deep?

Then weekend retreats might fit better with your schedule.

Escape to a beautiful setting for weekend retreats that can provide you with spiritual direction and peace of mind. 

You could even attend a day retreat with women, uplifting one another with prayer and strength-building workshops.

Group retreats with women can be downright life-changing. So don't be too nervous about heading out to this holiday on your own. A contemplative community of women awaits you.

5 Things to Look For in a Women’s Retreat

Women’s wellness retreats bring you back to your core self, the woman that you truly are, by helping you slow down and get in touch with your intuition, once again. Women’s retreats can be a true journey into discovering your feminine nature, as well as the masculine that balances it.

If you’ve never been on a trip like this before, and are traveling solo, don’t worry.

People are very welcoming and you won’t have to force yourself to be social or make friends. In fact, it will be very natural.

You will spend your day with these women, exploring the dustiest corners of your heart (and the achiest joints in your body). These activities tend to remove all the barriers that we normally keep up in our day-to-day lives.

Most women actually make lifelong friends on these retreats. Why?

Because by removing those barriers and jumping into the work together, you’ll learn that they are some of the most intriguing, incredible, and powerful women you’ve ever come across. You’ll find a sisterhood.

You might even meet a travel buddy for your next adventure or retreat :)

And you know what is especially powerful about this sisterhood? They’ll hold a mirror right up to you so that you can see just how intriguing, incredible and powerful you are, too.

1. A Location That Makes Your Heart Sing

A place can really work some inner magic on you. It’s as if the very vibration of our cells matches the vibrations of a certain place, and when they are vibrating together it is an unsung harmony that is outta this world.

You know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you?

So let’s try a little exercise to find out where this magical place is for you.

Close your eyes right now (yes, do it!). Picture yourself in a place where your troubles escape you and the air that you breathe seems to lift you ever so slightly with each inhalation. Where are you?

Are you in the Sierra Nevadas of California, breathing in the pine air as you practice yoga and meditation.

Or maybe you are on the white sandy beaches of Florida, with cleansing tropical waters swirling at your feet.

Maybe you’re standing in the middle of a canyon made of red rocks in Sedona, relaxing in a wood-fired sauna on your goddess retreat.

Perhaps you've finally escaped to a Samana Wellness yoga retreat in Hawaii!

Wherever the place may be, be sure that it makes you come alive. Because the most growth happens when you are in a place that makes your heart sing. If you book a retreat center in a place you love, you will have the experience of a lifetime.

2. An Affordable Cost

My definition of “affordable” is probably pretty different than yours…

...and that’s okay!

But when you’re searching for a cheap yoga retreat, don’t get so caught up in the price that you forget about the value.

Be sure that the retreat you book meets all of your needs, physically and spiritually. Just because you’ve found a great deal does not mean that it is a great fit.

If you want a retreat that includes meals, workshops, a spa treatment, or even a Thai massage, you can have it! Get your surf holiday in Costa Rica, or your detox workshops in Thailand. And you'll be surprised by how many of these wellness centers are within your budget.

Give yourself a reasonable monetary budget but then also give yourself a clear outline of what you’re looking for. Don’t sacrifice one for the other!

(Hey, it goes both ways: don’t book that $10,000 retreat just because it’s dreamy and perfect if it’s also way out of your budget! Pay attention to the non-refundable deposit and always take care of yourself financially.)

3. Spiritual Guidance

While we all have different definitions of “spirituality”, none of us can deny our inner beings that churn at night. Take this opportunity to address your biggest inner demons in whatever way you see fit.

If you are Christian, then join your Christian sisters and use their strength to uplift you during your journey, such as with Camp Lebanon retreats in the US.

If you are Buddhist, pull on the teachings of the Buddha to find your own inner peace.

If you are an atheist, then teach yourself the power of meditation so that your brain is better equipped to deal with life’s stressors.

Whatever your spiritual side looks like, honor it. Be sure that your retreat is more than just a series of yoga classes (though, isn’t that great?!)

4. A Healthy Diet

Girl, you are on a RETREAT! That means, retreat from your everyday life and jump into this self-help retreat of sorts to learn how to take care of yourself on every single level.

And this most definitely includes diet. Take this opportunity to explore your relationship with food and to go deeper into your culinary prowess. Check out a raw food retreat (like this detox retreat in Ecuador) or learn how to eat according to your dosha at an Ayurvedic retreat.

This is your time, so soak it up and learn a few things in the kitchen to take back home with ya in your daily life.

Or escape to Costa Rica for a surf retreat, where nature rules and people are just the background.

5. A Good Fit of Vibes

And last but not least is the vibe situation. This retreat should be treated as your very own personal retreat, one in which you are exploring the depths of your inner world with the help and support of other retreat goers and the retreat owners. So don’t forget to listen to your gut!

Even if a retreat has amazing pictures and all the right words, it can sometimes feel a bit off.

Or maybe the pictures are grainy and the description is minimal, but you feel a cosmic connection to the retreat owner.

Go with it!

Luckily, that’s basically our policy when accepting retreats to list here at Book Retreats, so you’ve already got a good group of people and places to choose from ;)

Most Popular Retreats for Women

There are so many possibilities for your women's retreat. You will find anything from yoga and meditation retreats for women, to women's leadership weekend retreats. Join a group of like-minded people for a wellness retreat for women or a spiritual retreat. Relax and rejuvenate yourself with spa treatments. The possibilities are endless.

Sometimes it’s nice to escape to a place where you’re honored simply for being you. (Okay, maybe that’s always nice)

Immerse yourself in a retreat that not only honors you but also teaches you how to honor yourself. How to harness your greatest power: femininity.

Whether you’re looking for a fun and flirty thing or a deeply spiritual getaway, we have got the women’s retreat for you.

Women’s Spiritual Retreats

We connect with others more easily based on shared experiences. While people from all backgrounds can certainly connect on a spiritual level, the spiritual connection among women is indescribable. Women have the ability to create life and have grown through their own lives guarding that ability with every resource innate to us. It’s no wonder that a spiritual retreat designed specifically for women can move mountains. Not sure where to begin? There are so many beautiful spiritual retreats in Sedona, Arizona. If you haven't considered Sedona before, now may be the time to do so!

Health Retreats for Women

Escape to a place where the entire facility is designed specifically for you. Find a retreat that meets your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs as they are as a woman. Do it on a tropical beach or do it hidden away in the mountains. Jump into a fitness retreat, which may be designed to push your body to its limits. Or sign up for a detox retreat so that you can reset your body for your new, abundant life. Join other women for your health journey designed just for you.

Wellness Retreats for Women

Women's wellness is so much more than just eating vegetables and getting enough sleep (though those things help!). As a woman, wellness encompasses so much of our feminine role in this world and the way in which we honor it. A wellness weekend retreat for women can be a powerful tool to do that. Draw upon the strength of the women around you as you learn how to care for yourself physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. Many wellness retreats will include a daily workshop for guests to attend so that you can learn about women's health or ways to improve your habits in your daily life.  Find a retreat center that offers your everything you're looking for on a wellness weekend so that the benefits continue even long after you've returned home.

Mental Health Retreats

A mental health retreat can help you learn how to cope with stress in a healthy way or to deal with past trauma that hasn’t quite settled yet. It can show you what tools you already possess in order to cope with stress, as well as teach you new techniques that you may have never tried before. A mental health retreat may offer you group therapy sessions or just a quiet space to reflect on the lessons you have learned. Don’t be afraid to fine-tune your mental health, we all need it from time to time!

Women’s Recovery Retreats

Recovering from a major loss is rough, no matter the circumstance. Whether you’re dealing with divorce, death, substance abuse recovery, or even just a super stressful period in your life, it is incredibly important to process the emotions that come along with it. If not, they get stuck inside of you for years to come, only to resurface at the most inconvenient times. Take the time to do some inner work in the safe space of a women’s retreat. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, though!

Fitness Retreats for Women

Many women love being active but still want that strong female connection that comes with a women’s retreat. So why sacrifice one for the other? Search for yoga and hiking retreats, or surf and yoga retreats for fitness-focused vacations that don’t feel like you’re being punished.

Weekend Spa Retreats

Spa retreats are the absolute best because they are designed TO PAMPER YOU. How amazing is that? Don’t even feel guilty about it, either, because we are all just trying our best each day and deserve to be pampered from time to time. If you’re looking for a quick and indulgent spa getaway, then you are not alone. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Healing Retreats in California

California is a pretty hot spot for many health and detox retreats. The temperate climate, unlimited sunshine, and dry heat provide the ideal climate for growing abundant fresh food. Those same qualities also have some undeniable healing qualities on us, too. In fact, many women head to California for healing recovery retreats, whether it's to recover from a substance, a toxic relationship, or just a rough year. Whether you're looking for a weekend retreat or a luxurious spa retreat, you will be able to find the healing qualities of California. Whatever the case may be, many of the retreats you will find here will feel a whole lot like personal retreats, designed specifically with you in mind. Head out west for your own women’s healing retreat in beautiful California.

Spiritual Retreats for Singles

A lot of people are seeking a deeper connection with others and these types of retreats certainly offer that. Whether you’re looking for fellow singles to celebrate life with or you’re looking for a partner, these retreats will provide plenty of opportunity for both. And improve your yoga practice along the way.

Black Women Retreats

Let's be real about something: there are a lot of white people doing yoga. While we totally love that more and more people are practicing yoga, no matter their color, it would be pretty irresponsible if we acted as if yoga helped surpass all of the other cultural and societal (and human!) aspects that are at play here. Besides the fact the people like to belong, black women have an especially unique experience that cannot be understood by any other group than other black women. A black woman knows what it's like to be a woman in a patriarchal society and also to be black. Women of color face unique challenges and successes that are different from white people, black people, black males, or basically any other group. It can be incredibly healing for a black woman, then, to get together with other women of color and connect on a deeper level than may be possible in other settings. Check out this healing yoga and meditation for women in Brazil. There is will be lots of loving dogs there, too. If that sounds like it's up your alley :) 

Mindfulness Meditation Retreats for Women

Mindfulness meditation is an incredible self-care technique that helps make dealing with everyday life a little bit easier. There are hundreds of studies that have examined the benefits of mindfulness, all of which show that participants had positive results (which, in scientific terms, is absolutely remarkable). Guided meditations certainly make it more approachable, though mindfulness doesn't even need to come in the form of guided meditations. It can be used during fun activities too! Mindfulness is so powerful because it can be used in wide variety of activities, more than just your meditation practice. It can be used as you prepare your meals, as you drive your car, as you interact with people, or basically in anything that you do. If your focus is on personal growth that can be seen in your everyday life, then mindfulness meditation retreats may provide you with the skillset that you need to achieve that. It will provide the opportunity for long-lasting personal transformation and holistic healing.

Women's Weekend Retreat

Sometimes you just need some good old fashioned girl time and a women's weekend retreat can provide you with exactly that. Attend daily yoga classes, enjoy delicious meals, pamper yourself at the spa, find a workshop or two to attend, soak in a hot tub, and get to know the other guests for some lifelong friendships. You could even round up your favorite girlfriends and head to a retreat center nearby for a rejuvenating weekend retreat. We all need it every once in awhile and there is absolutely no shame in doing it for yourself. Women's wellness is not just about the physical stuff. It's also about taking a break from daily life so that you can be the best version of yourself as possible.