10 Free Tools Every Retreat Owner Must Use

Ever tried to clean your toilet with your bare hands?

No scrubber allowed.

All of a sudden you’ll appreciate the value of a solid tool.

If you wouldn’t clean a toilet with your bare hands, why would you try and run your business with your bare hands?

Better to take advantage of the vast array of incredible free tools that are available for retreat owners.

Awesome tools that can help you:

  • Boost your efficiency with admin tasks
  • Create stunning graphics that will wow your visitors
  • Automate the grind of posting on social media
  • Track and optimize your expenses
  • Use email marketing to boost your business

We’ve done all the hard work for you. No need to get lost searching the vast interwebs.

We got your back.

Here are 10 free apps and tools that any Yoga, Meditation, Detox or Wellness Center can use to make their life easier.

1. Create Stunning Graphics: Canva

easily create image for your yoga retreat social posts

It can be very expensive to purchase illustrations, photos and textual styles (or to pay somebody to make them for you).

Design amazing posts and unique content to share with Canva simple design and editing tool.

Canva contains many designs, templates, shapes, outlines, symbols, pictures and diagrams.

With its drag & drop tool you will be able to create gorgeous designs, web content and viral posts to promote your retreat center.

We use Canva to create all kinds of images, including the one you saw at the beginning of this post.

2. Automated Social Media Posts: Buffer

social sharing tool

We know how as retreat owners you sometimes do EVERYTHING or maybe your center is on the other side of the world from your targeted audience.

you just cant always be available at optimal time to post FB or twitter updates (yes… timing is important :))

Rather than stressing over the best time to plan your Facebook posts and Twitter updates, simply transfer your content and posts into the Buffer app.

Let the buffer discharge those Facebook posts and tweets at the best time.

The posts are launched out and posted at ideal times based off Buffer’s algorithms.

What does that mean in the end?

You can free up your time spent on online networking and simply let Buffer be your workhorse.

3. Create Surveys: Free Survey Creator

Survey tool for retreat managers

Free Survey Creator makes it a breeze to gather client input.

Utilize this free app to make survey and to learn more about your visitors and clients.

You can post the survey right on your site or insert it inside a blog post or Facebook post to begin gathering feedback from your guests.

Launching a survey just takes a couple of minutes so no need to worry about it getting complicated.

4. Organize Projects: Trello

trello  - task managment

Trello allows you to:

  • Organize tasks and projects with your team members.
  • Easily sync on specific events and due dates of projects.
  • Simple sorting of tasks with visual materials and notes.
  • Add individuals to every task and sub task so that everybody has access to it and can contribute easily.

This can speed up your communication with your team and it makes it easy to create a visual to do list for your projects, activities and tasks.

One of our personal favorites that we’ve been using for years.

5. Keep Track of Notes: Evernote Basic

Evernote - easily take notes

If you find your self leaving notes on the fridge or emailing yourself with random things you just remembered you need to do…you need Evernote.

You can use this application to store everything in one place. You can see and sort it out later when you have more time.

Evernote is made of virtual “Notebooks” and “Notes” where you can capture screenshots, content, and links effortlessly.

The free version lets you to utilize all the essential components and improve your productivity.

6. Simple Cloud Storage: Dropbox

dropbox - simple file storage

Keep track of all your important files (Images, Texts, Videos, Bills, Legal) by syncing everything to Dropbox and arranging it in folders.

You can access these files from the cloud and give different team members access to specific folders.

Dropbox has a free and paid variant relying upon the amount of capacity you require.

The free form starts at 2GB of space and should be enough for most of your text documents.

Backing up files should be one of your first priorities when running a yoga event or when managing a retreat center.

Don’t make the mistake of a ruined computer equaling a ruined business.

7. Expense Reporting: Expensify

easily manage your financial reports

Take the mystery out of following and recording costs with this application.

Expensify makes it simple to classify expanses based on different accounts you have.

You will find it easy connecting card transactions with cost reports.

Use the SmartScan app to transfer and store receipts and link them to the right reported expense.

8. Ultimate text Editor, Spreadsheet and file Backup: Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Apps are a set of tools that gives you a complete solution to your retreat center and business.

Here are few advantages of google drive for wellness and yoga retreats:

  • ​Google Drive/Docs programs are very easy to use if you are a little familiar with "office" programs. They give you a free version if you dont want to purchase "office".
  • Easily send and receive large files
  • Remote access to all your files, from any computer, tablet or phone.
  • Google Drive/Docs lets you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online, and work simultaneously with Team members on a same document/file. Google Drive/Docs allows you to add certain access privileges to your files and determine who can view, edit or comment a shared document.

9. Free email marketing software: MailChimp

email marketing software for retreat centers

MailChimp is one of those softwares that will change the way you communicate on the internet.

MailChimp is a simple email marketing software which gives you easy options for designing, sending and saving templates of your emails.

With just few clicks you can add an opt in form to your website and start building a list of future costumers.

MailChimp is free for up to 12000 emails a month so there is no risk to evaluating it before you commit to buy.

10. Password Manager - LastPass

LastPass password manager

LastPass is one of those tools I can’t live without.

Simply install their browser add-on from Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Explorer and it immediately grabs all your passwords. From now every time you enter a new password last pass will remember it, so you wont have to.

Once you move a computer or to your tablet or mobile you can login and download lastpass to sync all your logins.

You;ll never need to worry about lost passwords any more.


If you are going to run a high-quality  retreat center or wellness vacation business, you’re gonna need a great team and an amazing center.

But you shouldn’t struggle with admin issues.

Once you have an efficient day-to-day system for all your administrative work in place, you can finally get down to the most important work: ensuring the well being and evolution of your guests.

You don’t necessarily need to use all 10 tools, but having few of them in your arsenal will save countless hours of your life.

This means more time for yoga, meditation, and running the essential parts of your business.

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