The Ultimate Checklist for Every Retreat Center Site

You’ve got a website.

But is that website performing as well as you want it to?

It’s easy to just toss a site up on the web, but if you want to truly take advantage of what a website can bring you, you’ll need to ensure you’ve included certain items.

But how to know what to include?

There are so many sites and blogs out there saying different things. It’s probably a bit overwhelming. Maybe even frightening.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together the ultimate checklist for your retreat website. Everything you need is on here.

You can even check it off as you go. An interactive process :)


Step 1 – Manage What Your Visitors See First

Your homepage is the most important page on your site.

It’s the page that many (but certainly not all) will see first.

It should have a nice design, be easy for visitors to grasp, allow people to find what they want, and tell them the next step they should take.

Here are some basics that need to be on the homepage, as well as some overall site requirements.

  • A nicely designed logo
  • Make sure the site works on all browsers (Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • Check that your website loads nicely on smartphones and tablets
  • Links to your most popular events and internal pages of your site
  • Calls to action that direct people to your important event pages
  • A clear search field at the top of your site
  • Display any specials, promotions or free shipping clearly
  • An area with your latest news and updates


Step 2 – Retreat Site Management + Look & Feel

Every Retreat center website must be constantly updated.

You should be able to easily check and verify that all your pages load nicely and work well for all users.

Lets double check all the small and big items that needs to be included in your site.

  • Make your website design simple and minimalistic
  • Test your website speed to make sure it loads quickly – GTMetrix is a good tool
  • If using WordPress, improve your website speed with a few easy tweaks
  • Include security and trust widgets to reassure visitors that your site is safe and trusted
  • Have an email signup form, so you can contact people who will inevitably leave your site
  • Add about page, linked from every page on your site
  • Add privacy page, linked from every page on your site
  • Add contact Us page, linked from every page on your site
  • Add legal information or terms of service page, linked from every page on your site
  • Order your site menu so that it could be easily be navigated
  • Add Links to your social pages (Facebook, Twitter …) from every page on your site


Step 3 – Your Event Listing Pages

If you’re offering retreats, your event page is of huge importance.

It’s basically a sales page that needs to convince people your retreat is right for them.

Not only that, but you need to show that you are a trustworthy source for that person to give their money to.

At, we put a countless hours into our retreat listing pages. Design, layout, sequence, language, and ease of use. Why?

Because we want to ensure that a high percentage of people who visit the page will get everything they need to book a retreat.

We know that the better this page is, the more leads and bookings we can get you.

You should aim to have as many of these items as possible on your event page:

  • Include Call to action buttons and links (examples: enquire today, book now, etc.)
  • Add customer reviews and testimonials. See our post to learn how to get the perfect reviews (#4 in the list).
  • Add super attractive images to tell your story and main benefits
  • Include a detailed description and information about the retreat
  • Add the benefits (not features) of coming on to your retreat
  • Pricing information and discounts
  • Availability of each event and how many spots are left (especially if there are only a few)
  • An appealing event title (spend a good amount of time on the title)
  • Say what makes you special. What makes your retreat stand out.
  • Social share buttons


Step 4 – Social Posts, Blog, and Media Pages

We all spend hours and days browsing social network and reading posts online.

Your customers are all out there browsing and searching for their next workshop or retreat.

Social posts and blogging show search engines that your website is more then just a business card website selling retreats.

Regular posting on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others could boost your authority and brand among your customers.

This should be an ongoing work for your center, and its recommended to have someone on your team who is good with communication and could be the owner of this work.

Here are some ideas and pages that could really add value to your visitors and bring in tons of new visitors.

  • Write tutorials and share your knowledge with blog posts and social shares
  • Add event reviews and highlights
  • Share news about your center, team and your vision
  • Blog posts with your recent activities
  • Send newsletter to your old customers, and invite them to join again
  • Ask old customers to submit their own stories and reviews
  • Add case studies and interviews with previous customers

Wrapping up

This list might look overwhelming at first, but don’t worry.

You don’t need to do every part on this list if it doesn’t work for you.

But if you are serious about your online presence, you should consider implementing each one.

Got questions about this list?

Feel free to ask in the comments section below.

And I want to challenge you to take action.

Choose at least 1 item on this list that you want to implement.

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