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Find the Best Yoga Beach Retreats in the World

There is nothing so soothing as salt water and sunshine.

The way the salt pulls out toxins, both physical and emotional, feels like a good sweep from the inside.

The way the sun warms you as if your body is finally free to come alive feels like a big hug from nature.

Seriously, beach retreats are more than just a couple sun salutations and a dip in the water. They can be downright healing.

So, instead of shrugging off your yoga beach retreat as another item on your to-do list, take this opportunity to really select the right one for you.

This getaway can be the most rewarding thing you may do in all of 2017.

Popular Destinations

Yoga Retreat Vacations in Europe

When it comes to vacations, Europe is naturally a popular destination. Within hours you are able to experience hundreds of different cultures, languages, viewpoints, and food. It is rich is living history and the buildings are picturesque in and of themselves. Along the entire perimeter of Europe is coastline, so you definitely have your pick for beach spots. Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Albania, and finally Greece all have spectacular beaches with warm water. The northern coastline of Europe also had incredible beaches, though you may not want to visit during the winter months.

Beach Retreats in Bali

Bali is always a top destination for yoga retreats. And do you know why?

Because of the beaches.

Naturally, this makes it one of the top destinations for a yoga beach retreat.

Beginner Yoga Retreats on the Beach

Even for those who practice yoga back home, it can seem a bit intimidating to sign up for a full yoga retreat vacation. Instead of committing themselves to something that they are afraid they may not be able to handle, they combine their two loves: yoga and vacation. And so we have beginner retreats on the beach.

But you know what?

Every yoga retreat is going to accommodate you to your own abilities unless they specifically state otherwise. So go ahead and pick one that feels right to you and ask the retreat owner about the ability levels.

Top Beach Yoga Retreat Centers

When you are searching for beach retreats, you can search for a specific type of yoga style or beach retreats that come with an ocean view. There are tropical beaches and beaches that require a hot tub. There are beaches with a private beach and there are beaches with rental chairs. Whatever vacation style you are looking for, may you find it at the beach.

Salishan Spa in Oregon, USA

So technically this is not a beach retreat quite like you would expect, but its close proximity to the ocean qualifies it for this section. Plus, this spa resort is extremely popular, attracting guests from all over the world thanks to their comfy queen-size beds, spa treatments, and perfectly manicured golf course. Walk to the beach for an outdoor yoga session with a view. Book a room with them and bring your own yoga mat. Make a luxurious vacation out of your upcoming yoga holiday.

Samahita Retreat in Thailand

This cute beach villa lies on the south coast of Koh Samui, a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand that still has long stretches of pristine beaches and unspoiled land. Situated on Laem Sor beach, Samahita Retreat is surrounded by towering coconut trees in a quiet, spacious area, with incredible sunrises and sunsets that play with the colors of the water, sand and tropical fauna. It is the perfect setting for those with spiritual direction.

Wailea Beach Villa in Hawaii, USA

Forget the all-inclusive resorts because Wailea Beach Villa has vacation rentals that dreams are made of. In their resort, you will feel like you are in your own beach house. It comes complete with a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, master bedroom, and amazing views. While they don't necessarily offer yoga retreats, it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy their amazing accommodations for your very own private retreat of sorts.

Omassim Guest House in Portugal

This retreat cottage is absolutely perfect for your upcoming weekend getaway. Treat your body and soul with yoga, massages, vegetarian food and coastal walking along the most stunning part of Portugal`s West Coast Ericeira – first world surfing reserve. Jump into the pool in between yoga classes or book a surf lesson for the day (or grab a beach chair to watch the surfers!). Portugal is a gem and is meant to be enjoyed.

Sandycamps in Morocco

Their yoga instructors teach two collective yoga classes per day, one at dawn and one at sunset. The morning classes will sculpt your body, build your muscle strength and increase tone. In the evening, you can relax and meditate as the sun goes down, stretch and relieve your muscles.  

Morgan's Rock in Nicaragua

Many people forget that Nicaragua is made up of never-ending coastline, so there are endless beaches to be enjoyed on either coast. This luxury retreat center is the absolute epitome of what you probably imagined in your head when you first dreamt of a luxury retreat. Bamboo walls, open floor plans, lush mountains, white-sand beaches with turquoise water... it has it all. Plus spa treatments and an open-air yoga studio. I mean. What else is there?

Holis Wellness Center in Costa Rica

Go experience the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and immerse yourself in your yoga practice, outdoor hiking, the turquoise Manuel Antonio sea, and beauty of this tropical paradise. There will be plenty of wellbeing moments – the ‘Pura Vida’ way!

Casa del Sol in Ecuador

A warm and inviting bamboo studio with an ocean view. A safe and secure place to explore all aspects of yoga while listening to the sound of the waves break on the beach!  If you want direct access to the beach and incredible surf instructors, then this is the perfect place to stay. Plus, the breakfasts that are included are *amazing*.


Where are the most affordable destinations for a beach retreat?

Thailand is notoriously cheap, as is Nicaragua. You can find some pretty affordable (and super relaxing) beach yoga in Ecuador, and some life-changing views in Greece for pretty low costs. Take a look around. You will be excited to find that a lot of beaches are not expensive at all.

When is the best time to head to the beach?

This really depends on where you plan to head. Keep in mind that not every location has distinct seasons and that many places only have two seasons (rainy season and windy season). Tropical climates run on the “rainy season” approach, whereas beaches on the northern hemisphere will be best during “summer” time.